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Just type in the name of a star, director, writer, or producer. You will need to type in at least two characters before search results appear.
If the name you're looking for appears in the search results below, click on it and you will see the scripts we have where that person was involved.
Or when you see enough results, click on the Fetch button and get up to 200 movie and tv script listings for your current search.
You can filter the results by checking/unchecking the groups of people, so to search Directors only you would leave Directors checked and uncheck the other three checkboxes.

New Ways To Search!
Movie Scripts and TV Scripts are already covered in their own sections, but here's a few new ways to find things!
Want to find everything we have that your favorite stars have done? Search for Names!
Know the character's name but don't know who played the role? Search for Characters!
You can even Search for Studios! Find out who produced what!
Or, search EVERYTHING with Al's Really Big Search Engine!
Not all of the 6,000 scripts we have made it into production, so as an extra esoteric bonus, Search the Unfilmed Scripts!

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